1. Since game pieces and storage bins are located in “out of bounds”, is it safe to assume that is solely a golf term and robots are allowed to enter, operate within, and leave the out of bounds zones?

2. Since the ball bucket is within the upper starting box, are robots/structures permitted to start within or the vertical over the ball bucket?

3. Is there any available formal documentation for the Wallaby, other than that provided in the workshop presentations?
not yet

4. I am looking for any information regarding programming the Wallaby using Java instead of the default C, a feature that (to my knowledge) was promised last year.  Also, would utilizing Java on the Wallaby be as easy as installing the JDK through the terminal? This is what I plan to try unless documentation in this is available.
Java has been put on hold to deal with more pressing issues; however, it is possible (if you know Linux) to add capabilities.

5. The 2016 rules show 2 storage bins on the end of the green and 2 bins on the side of the green. However, the green in the rules is not to scale and based on the build specs for the board, there is only room for 1 storage bin on the side of the green. Would you describe how to resolve this discrepancy?
This is under review and will be resolved next week (possibly by using smaller bins for the bunkers if the bin spec is inaccurate … the intent is to have the game as it has been pictured, but if the bins prove too large, an alternative is to reduce the number of bunkers as suggested). One more note: the balls place on the black center line will be held in position by using 1/2″ plastic bone rings (a
sewing gizmo).

Note: Only minor modifications proved necessary. The green has been extended 1/4″ for better bin fit. The pattern for placement of the 4 bins serving as bunkers is detailed (as are dimensions of the 64oz bins). While the pattern differs a bit from the not-to-scale pattern shown in v1.1, it shouldn’t impact strategy (and unlike golf, the bunkers can be moved around). Also the diagram supplied in v1.2 is drawn to scale to clarify positions and dimensions.