Initial Clarifications:
1. Each of the 4 Botguys will have a large paper clip bent to form a large and small hook attached to Botguy’s tassel by twisting the small hook around the tassel. Teams may adjust the hook during setup by adjusting the large hook opening or tightening and adjusting the way the small hook fits on the tassel.

2. The pink rack is the one closest to the pink start box, the green rack the one closest to the green start box.

3. Pom points for a team are negated if a structure from the team’s entry intersects with the vertical project of its bin.

4. Botguys on the center rack multiply any negative points and apply to both teams.

5. A team gets hanger points for any hangers on its rack whether the hangers are its own or its opponents.

6. Any hangers that are joined together in any manner at game’s end will be treated as one hanger, regardless of color.

7. Hangers count even if your robot is touching them, but the inner part of the “hook” has to be touching the rack.

8. yes, but if still combined at game end the hangers count as one hanger

9. Botguy must be hanging unsupported on one or more (scoring) coat hangers … if touching the table Botguy is not unsupported. Remember, to score a hanger’s hook must have its inner edge touching the rung for a rack.

10. yes, the hook is meant to make the task easier.

11. If botguy’s hook is on two different hangers, do the hangers count as being connected and thus only score as one hanger?
In this case it still counts as 2 hangers since what makes the connection is not part of your entry

12. Are we allowed to bring our own botguy+hook?
There are 4 Botguys, so we’ll use the ones on the table for consistency … note you will be able to adjust the hook, which is made from a large paper clip as described … we will probably solicit help from the teams during practice to make sure they are satisfactory

13. Can botguy be leaning against the PVC (horizontal or vertical PVC rack pieces) if he’s hanging from a hanger on the top rack and still count as being unsupported?
Yes, so long as Botguy is arguably hanging on a hanger and is not touching your robot or the table surface

14. Is the “bin” that the poms go into the upper or lower storage area of the Botball table?
The bin is the upper area … the lower area is a garbage dump

15. Does botguy’s hook need to be touching a hanger on the rack to count? What if Botguy was just jammed through one or more hangers but the hook was dangling out in space, does this still count?
A Botguy hanging (unsupported) from a hanger counts as hanging whether or not the hook is what holds him on the hanger

16. Is the height of the starting box 15 inches?
The (virtual) height of the starting box is 15″