KIPR produces the International KIPR Open Autonomous Robot Tournament each year at the Global Conference on Educational Robotics.  For more information on GCER, please see

The KIPR Open Game rules may be used free of charge for educational purposes. They are regularly used in conjunction with collegiate coursework and in educational robotics events around the world.

College students, professional engineers, hobbyists, poets, and anyone else are encouraged to participate so long as at least one member of their team is beyond High School in their educational careers. Team members should not be subject to being tied up with a Botball team or other potentially conflicting GCER activities unless team size is sufficient for remaining team members to handle team logistics.

The challenge is to acquire blocks and balls, then build stacks of blocks by placing one on top of another and create stacks of balls by inserting them into vertical tubes.  See the 2011 KIPR Open Game Specification below for a complete description.

Download the 2011 KIPR Open Rules V1.05 (includes how to build the table).

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